Seven Popular Living Room Color Options

When it comes to popular living room color selections, there are countless new trends every season. However, savvy homeowners are opting for classic and fresh hues that remain in fashion year after year. Here are some top color options for those considering living room painting work.

1. Hazelnut

Hazelnuts not only have warm, soothing taste but it also warms up the living room and provides the space with a cozy feel. This inviting, creamy shade works well with most any decor and furnishings, and hazelnut shades are excellent for bouncing light off to provide a larger room appearance. This timeless color is a good choice for any smaller space such as bathrooms and powder rooms.

2. Soft Clay

Bring the earthy tones of the outdoors into living areas with soft clay tones either as a primary color or upon accent walls to complement focal features like a fireplace. Shades like caramel, terra cotta, burnt orange and clove are ideal alternatives to neutrals such as browns and beiges while still providing casual elegance.

3. Lilac Gray

An interesting step above traditional grays, an infusion of lilac undertones makes this hue an exquisite and popular living room color option. Lilac gray is a much warmer option than dove gray and it’s somewhat more cheery while remaining neutral. This refreshing alternative is subtle and complements most interior schemes without dominating the room.

4. Modern Blues

Newer blue hues like ice blue, charcoal blue, powder blue and gray-blue are impressive colors that are far from subtle while still managing to not to take over the space. Modern blues are popular with homeowners seeking a casual and traditional look. However, subtlety is best, so it’s recommended to use caution when incorporating dark blues, as they can make rooms feel smaller.

5. Dark Greens

Dark greens are making a statement this year thanks to Pantone naming ‘Night Watch’ a top interior color for 2019. Essentially, this shade is a muted version of hunter green that can invoke feelings of the healing power of nature to one’s living room. Because it can overpower small rooms, reserve dark green painting work for large, well-lit rooms. Consider incorporating these shades along with a neutral foundational hue.

6. Pewter

A perfect blend of gray and beige, pewter paint is a striking alternative to a singular neutral color or stark white walls. While still giving homeowners a nearly blank canvas, pewter is far from a bland backdrop and was shortlisted as a top color for 2019 and will work well in most any room in the home. Pewter can help create confluence and balance between room transitions.

7. Coral

For something a bit more cheerful and lively environment in the living room, coral hues may offer a great option. A combination of hues such as pink, orange and red, coral paint adds instant warmth and a sense of nurturing richness to a room. In fact, those seeking to stay trendy will appreciate that Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone color of the year.

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