Best Renovation Loan in Singapore

Have you ever pictured yourself living in your dream home in Singapore? Want to make those dreams a reality? If so, then a renovation loan is the perfect product for you. In this post, we’ll compare renovation loans with five different banks to help you find the best option possible.


CIMB can get you one step closer to finally creating the home you’ve always wanted. There are many benefits to choosing CIMB for your renovation loan, including:

  • Get an approval-in-principle in only one day
  • Interest rates as low as 2.98%^ p.a.
  • Get a loan of up to six times your monthly income
  • Loans include complimentary insurance of up to $80,000


Maybank offers very flexible loan options focused on your needs. They offer very low monthly repayment options to avoid unwanted financial stress. Here are some other benefits of choosing Maybank for your loan in 2019:

  • High loan amounts
  • Low interest rates
  • Repayment as low as RM102.78* per month
  • Minimum tenure of 2 years
  • Maximum tenure of 6 years
  • Speedy approval


Renovating your home is made possible with the many benefits of DBS renovation loans. Their loan officers make it fast and easy to find the perfect loan for your renovation needs. Here are some other benefits of choosing DBS for your remodeling loan:

  • Flat interest rate of 2.31% p.a. (EIR: 4.38% p.a.)
  • Repayment periods are 1-5 years
  • Loan amounts up to six times your monthly salary
  • Top-notch insurance coverages


OCBC is a financial institution that offers flexible loans for your renovation projects. Unlike other banks, OCBC offers some of the lowest monthly repayment installment options in the industry. Furthermore, the application process is quick, easy, and stress-free. Here are a few other benefits of choosing OCBC for your loan:

  • Loan is dispersed one day after approval
  • Interest rates as low as 4.98% p.a.
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Flexible repayment options of 1 to 5 years
  • Loan amount is up to six times your monthly income
  • We recommend many licensed renovation contractors


OUB understands that the home renovation process isn’t always easy. That’s why they offer many flexible terms for their renovation loans that are focused on the property owners — not themselves. Take a look at some more benefits of choosing OUB for your next remodeling loan:

  • Very low interest rates
  • Maximum loan tenure of 35 years
  • Borrow up to 75% of your project needs
  • Fast and simple loan application process


StanChart makes the renovation loan process as easy and stress-free as possible. These loans have many benefits that aren’t offered by many banks. Take a look at some more benefits below:

  • Apply today and get the loan tomorrow
  • Fast application process
  • Get up to four times your monthly income
  • Interest rates as low as 6.88% p.a.
  • Tenure options of 1-5 years

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